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Bringing Your Parts to Nature

In the Beyond Women’s IFS Retreat - For Women of All Ages
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The Healing Power of Mother Nature


In the Beyond is a retreat experience built around a relationship of trust in self in nature leveraging Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, yoga, meditation and a deep female community-based support model


Women of all ages and backgrounds are invited to bring their traumatized parts to Mother Nature for a week to work in groups, hike, and share fires, movement and deep ideas while facing fears in an atmosphere of compassion. 

In the Beyond is truly a unique place where women can heal together in a safe environment attuned with equality and justice.

The retreat center, a gorgeous, contemporary home located on two beautiful acres in the forest on the Deschutes River in Olympia, WA, offers a caring space for up to 10 women to live together on retreat.  Women who choose to camp are invited to tent camp and sleep under the stars on the deck and pergola (or even camp next to the river).

Our Retreats

Love. Compassion. Camaraderie.

Small Group

Four weeklong small group retreats are offered per year at the retreat center with one each season for women of all ages’ healing, recovery and personal growth.

One-On-One Retreats

Private Intensive Retreats are stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative. This personalized retreat is completely geared toward your potential and unique path of spiritual self-realization.

Back Packing +

Walking Pilgrimages

Discovery is at the heart of this program.  You'll discover how to reconnect with yourself in a meaningful way. Through our hikes, we’ll discover the hidden essence that makes Washington so magical.


“My experience during the small group retreat at In the Beyond was truly life changing. Being with the women there and sharing our experiences and parts kickstarted a personal healing transformation that I did not think was possible. The compassion I felt and the depth of conversations was just what my soul needed. I plan to go back again and again."

— Denise

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