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The Earth Has Music

For Those Who Will Listen

Terrilee Dalton, PhD


Terrilee (Terri) Dalton, PhD, LCSW, CADC is a clinical social worker in private practice, teacher and long- time outdoor retreat leader with thirty years of experience working with complex trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression. She is a Lead IFS trainer. Also, she has specialized in individual and groupwork with women, adolescents and children using mind body spirit practices including her work as a yoga teacher and teacher of Authentic Movement.


IFS has been a passion of hers for more than a decade as a solid foundation in her vision of healing lives that began early in her life growing up hiking and backpacking the Sierra Nevada Mountain of Central California where she grew up.


She continues her vision bringing children and women into healing wilderness retreat experiences using IFS in the outdoors of the Sierras, Appalachians, Rockies, Olympics and most recently a 500 mile walk across Spain. She lives with her family in both the Chicago area and the forested area outside Olympia, Washington.

Bios on additional staff will be available soon.

Our History

‘In the Beyond’ had its origin over ten years ago as an idea Terri had to take women out into nature to connect with healing exiled parts of themselves.  In the first eight years, nature spaces included Lake Superior in Michigan and then Minnesota, the Appalachian Trail outside Asheville, NC, Yosemite National Park, and then finally Olympic National Park in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Washington State.  And now, after ten years, the permanent retreat center is located in the close outskirts of Mount Ranier National Park, outside Olympia, Washington.

Our Approach

Internal Family Systems is an evidence-based model of psychotherapy used to treat a variety of conditions and their symptoms, including depression, anxiety, physical health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as improving general functioning and well-being.  See attached links for more information.


Retreat participants should be familiar with this therapy prior to attendance.  There is a very short, helpful book called Introduction to Internal Family Systems by Richard Schwartz that can provide this familiarity. It is available from the Center for Self Leadership website ( or at the Center for Self Leadership office in Oak Park, IL. (

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